12 Tips for nail gun safety

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A nail gun is the most popular power tool and is mostly used for construction jobs. Nail gun safety is most important because misuse of nail guns creates pain full injuries. 12 tips for nail gun safety are given below.

  1. Use the full sequential trigger.
  2. Care fully read all manufacturers instruction before using a nail gun and follow the instructions when using it.
  3. Use appropriate personal protecting equipment’s to prevent injuries.
  4. Nail guns operators must be trained personnel.
  5. Keep co-workers away from the work area.
  6. Keep your finger away from the trigger when not in use.
  7. Never misuse it like never point the nail gun anyone even the nail gun disconnected or even it has empty.
  8. Carry the nail guns carefully.
  9. Always disconnected the nail guns before cleaning, clearing jams and performing maintenance.
  10. Provide first aid and medical treatment after injuries due to nail gun.
  11. Provide a training programme by a certified trainer, how to safely use a nail gun.
  12. Encourage the operators and workers for reporting injuries due to nail guns (Some studies shows that nail gun injuries are not reported).

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