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Hi Friends

I am Debasis former Environmental Health and Safety Officer (EHS Officer) and founder of “www.industrailsafetyguide.com”. In my career, I saw a lot of accidents are happening in the industry due to a lack of safety knowledge and unsafe behavior. Each year in the world around 2.7 million workers die from occupational accidents and work-related diseases (of which 2.4 million are disease-related). An additional 374 million workers suffer from non-fatal occupational accidents. (According to the “the week” magazine).

We are a group of experienced Environmental Health and Safety officers (EHS Officers) working on this website (https://industrialsafetyguide.com) to provide quality content on industrial safety topics. Our aim is zero accidents in industries. We are researching on several safety topics to eliminate hazards in industries and our aim is to create a hazardous-free environment all over the world. We are publishing articles on several topics such as Electrical safety, Mechanical safety, occupational health and safety, construction safety, and disaster management, etc. Here we provide Brief ideas about industrial safety that may help to eliminate accidents and injuries. It is true that “All accidents can be preventable”

Our vision:

To be the most trusted website and trainer in the field of Environment Health &  Safety (EHS).

Our Mission:

Our mission is to create a hazardous free and accident-free Environment. Because all accidents and injuries can be preventable.

Feel free to contact us if there is a category or section that we might have overlooked and you would find helpful.

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