Industrial Safety

Safety full form

Safety full form as a safety professional, from my point of view, is S: Search the hazard, A-Analyse the risk, F-Find the cause, E-Eliminate the cause, T-Tell to others, Y-You are safe. Another full form of Safety is  “Stay Alert for Task You Do”. In this article, we will learn safety abbreviations. Safety abbreviations are …

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Hazard pictograms

Hazard pictograms or symbols are used for workplace hazard warning purposes. Actually, hazard pictograms alert users about the dangers of hazardous chemicals. Hazard pictograms are also known as GHS pictogram. A hazard pictogram consists of a graphical symbol that also includes a warning sign. These pictograms are in a diamond shape with white background and …

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Belt conveyor parts

Details of belt conveyor parts are given below: Pulleys: The pulleys are mechanical equipment that supports the conveyor belt and also moves the belt, controls its tension, and tracks the conveyor belt. There are different types of pulleys are used in conveyor systems. Head pulley: Head pulley connected with gearbox and gearbox connected with motor. …

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