Industrial Safety


Confined Space

What is confined space? Confined space is a space that meets all the criteria: Large enough to bodily enter and work. Limited entry and exit.  It is not designed for continuous human occupancy. Has unfavorable natural ventilation due to stagnant air, no free air movement, oxygen deficiency or enrichment or nitrogen atmosphere. Has contaminated air …

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Noise may be defined as the undesirable sound that interferes significantly with the comfort, health, or welfare of persons or with the full use or enjoyment of property. Sound is produced by the vibration of an object or mechanism and transmitted in the form of waves. It is a special kind of wave action usually …

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Housekeeping is generally classified as good or bad  (poor)  housekeeping.  The term Good Housekeeping is sometimes loosely understood as simple floor cleaning or broomstick operation. But it is not so. It has a wider Cleaning including up-keeping of all industrial activities in an orderly manner to minimize the accidents due to improper planning,  placement,  arrangement,  handling, …

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Machine Guarding

A ‘machine guarding’ means any enclosure, barrier, or device constructed to prevent a person or his clothing from coming in contact with dangerous parts of the machine. The ‘point of operation’ is that part of the working machine at which cutting, shaping, forming, or any other necessary operation is accomplished. A guard for it is …

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