Industrial Safety



All ladders shall be designed to carry their intended load safely. Side rails of metal ladders shall be of sufficient cross-section to prevent excessive deflection in use. Slip-resistant shoes, lashing or other effective means shall be used to avoid the danger of slipping. Not using ladders where required is a common cause of serious accidents.  …

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Material Handling

Material handling is defined as the transporting or supporting of a load by hands, bodily force, or by the help of machinery (like a crane, hydra, etc) is called material handling. Materials handling is one of the important functions in industries and other places. it involves: Time. Equipment Labor Method of handling, etc. Right from …

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Purpose & Benefits of Good Lighting in the workplace

Purpose of lighting: We receive 80% of information through our eyes. To increase work efficiency proper illuminations are to be arranged. Better lightings pay off through higher efficiency. It is the management’s responsibility to arrange proper lighting. Sufficient illuminations should be arranged. As our age increases the eye-sight power diminishes. The light may be natural …

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