What is caution tape and its uses?

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Caution tape is also known as warning tape or barricading tape. These tapes are playing an important role from the safety point of view. Caution tapes are generally used for warning purposes in hazardous areas and these tapes are easy to catch everyone’s attention.

The caution tapes are high visibility tapes because of bright yellow colors and bold black text or messages. It makes it easily noticeable for dangerous areas. The caution tapes are water-resistant and lightweight and also these tapes are reusable. These tapes are made up of polyethylene which made the tape very durable.

Caution tapes are easy to use and these are perfect for dangerous areas. Basically, these tapes are preventing accidents by blocking dangerous areas. Caution tapes contain warning messages like Caution-Do Not Enter and Caution- No Parking, etc.

These tapes are only used for temporary purposes and these tapes are only used where the serious risk or potential hazard is present. Caution tape means enter but processed with caution.


Where you may have noticed the caution tape?

You may have noticed the caution tapes in:

  • Roads
  • Under construction buildings
  • Accident sites on the road
  • Restricted areas.
  • Any areas that expose risks to human health.

Osha’s specified caution tape colors:

  • Red and white for Fire prevention and protection equipment.
  • Black and white for housekeeping and aisle marking.
  • Magenta or yellow for radiation hazard.
  • Green or white for safety and first aid.
  • Blue or white for Defective machines.
  • Orange or white for traffic and caution warnings.
  • Black or yellow for physical hazards.

In simplest for the caution, tapes are alert your workers or visitors of dangerous zones and also restrict the entry to prohibited areas. These are only used where risk is present and raise an alert in the workplace or worksites that can cause physical harm to workers or visitors.

What is barricading tape?

Caution tapes are commonly known as barricading tape.

Types of barricade tape:

Construction Tape:

The construction tapes are used in construction sites to notify people about possible potential hazards. The construction tapes are usually yellow bright color and bold black text. The construction tapes include messages like Caution, Under construction, work zone, etc. These tapes are found only on construction sites or where construction work is performed.

Traffic control tape:

These tapes are used to control traffic. It is used as temporary traffic signals to redirect traffic whenever the road is closed. These tapes are in orange and white combination.

Police tape:

These tapes are used by police to protect the crime scene. These tapes are in yellow black or yellow-white combination. These tapes are used to notify the public that the investigation is going on and the area is restricted for the public.

Firefighter tape:

These tapes are used by firefighters during a fire or after a fire to keep the public away from fire-related risks.

What is Underground Tape?

Underground tapes are commonly known as non-detectable underground tape. Sometimes for gas lines or other underground risks must be marked with this tape. These tapes are alert workers and prevent damage to underground utilities while excavating or digging and these tapes are not visible to the surface. This tape includes messages like “Gas line below” etc.

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