Duties of a safety officer

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Accidents and injuries must be prevented. Human life must be saved. These are the basic needs. For this, the safety officer is required. So safety is the most important aspect. It must be given prime importance. There should be an exclusive officer for it. That’s the safety officer. The duties of a safety officer are given below.

  1. To advise the concerned departments in planning and organizing measures necessary for the effective control of personal injuries.
  2. To check and evaluate the effectiveness of the actions taken to prevent personal injuries.
  3. To advise the concerned department for purchasing high-quality personal protective equipment and also ensuring the availability of PPE’S.
  4. He should analyze all accidents, their causes, and remedial measures.
  5. He should carry out job safety analysis and plant safety inspection for purpose safety.
  6. To investigate the dangerous occurrences.
  7. He should behave as a friend, philosopher, and guide to workers and the general public.
  8. He should train all his subordinates and workers.
  9. He should carry out preventive and corrective maintenance with the help of maintenance staff.
  10. The safety officer is an adviser to the management, he should give advice regarding safety divisions.
  11.  Prepare monthly statics.
  12. Prepare accident reports.
  13. Arrange monthly safety bulletin.
  14. Conduct regular plant safety inspections.
  15. Arrange a first aid training program.
  16. Prepare safety reports.
  17. Arrange safety competitions like quizzes, slogans, poster competitions exhibitions, etc.
  18. Arrange a safety awareness program.
  19. Conduct site audit.
  20. Correct unsafe acts and unsafe conditions by regular visits.
  21. Emergency preparedness.
  22. Conduct toolbox meetings.
  23. The safety officer reviews and approves all sub contractor’s safety plans.
  24. Check lifting tools and tackles are safe for use or not.
  25. Conduct job cycle check.
  26. Conduct job hazard analysis and job safety analysis.
  27. Conduct hazard identification and risk assessment.
  28. Carry out the permit to work monitoring and review.  
  29. Conducts investigations of all accidents and near-misses.
  30. Conduct mock drill.

Duties of a safety officer during emergency

  • Proceed to site after receiving the message
  • Assist Emergency Control Leader (ECL) in emergency control.
  • Arrange for manpower to deal with emergency as per requirement.
  • Shifting to hospital as needed and first aid to affected persons.

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