What is a fire blanket?

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The fire blanket is a type of fire extinguisher equipment used to extinguish a fire in its beginning stage or initial stage. These are highly flame-resistant blankets that are useful for small fires. The fire blanket consists of a sheet of fire-retardant material. The fire blanket works like other fire extinguishers; it removes the oxygen supply from the fire when you placed it over it.


Types of fire blankets:

There are two types of fire blankets according to their size.

  1. Small fire blanket.
  2. Large fire blankets.

Small fire blankets:

Small fire blankets are commonly known as light-duty fire blankets. Basically, these fire blankets are used in kitchens.

Large fire blankets:

Large fire blankets are also known as heavy-duty fire blankets. These fire blankets are commonly used in industries and laboratories.

What are fire blankets made of?

A fire blanket is made from two layers of woven glass fiber fabric and an inner layer of fire retardant film. These are highly flame resistant.

How to use fire blankets?

The steps are given below:

  • First, turn off the fire source (i.e.Turn off the gas or electric supply).
  • Pull the straps down words.
  • Spread the fire blanket by covering your hands.
  • Cover the fire with a fire blanket.
  • Note: Never use used fire blankets.

Fire blanket advantages and Disadvantages:


  • Fire blankets are quick to use.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Quite cheaper than other fire extinguishers.
  • Fire blankets can be used on humans (whose clothes catch fire).
  • Everyone can use this without any special training.


  • Not suitable for large fires (Where fire started to spread).
  • Fire blankets are not reusable.

Precautions for fire blankets:

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions before using a fire blanket.
  • Leave the fire blanket for at least 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Once you use the fire blanket never reuse it.
  • Do not remove the fire blanket, if the fire is out of control. Immediately call the fire brigade.
  • If the fire is larger than the blanket, then do not try to put it out. If possible turn off the heat source.

Can I use a fire blanket on a person whose clothes are on fire?

Yes, you can. It can be wrapped around a person whose clothes are on fire. You can prevent extreme and painful injuries.

Faq for fire blanket?

What does a fire blanket do?

The fire blankets are extinguishing the fire when you placed them over the fire. The fire blanket works like other fire extinguishers; it removes the oxygen supply from the fire and afterward smothers the fire before it starts to spread and prevents mishaps.

When to use a fire blanket?

when there is a small fire or incipient fire, fire blankets are used. you can also be wrapped around a person whose clothes are on fire.

When you should not use a fire blanket?

When the fire is bigger than the blanket or the fire is already spread.

What is a fire blanket used for?

Fire blankets are used to extinguish small or initial-stage fires these are made of heat-resistant materials. Fire blankets are mostly used in houses and industries.

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