Work At Height Checklist

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The work at height checklist is most important in the construction industry and the working at height checklist is given below.

Sl. NoPoints to Check (GENERAL)YNNA
1All the workers have been explained safe work procedures?
2An effective communication system has been established and explained to the workers.
3Adequate illumination has been ensured.
4Work area inspected prior to starting of the job.
5The area below the workplace is barricaded, especially below hot works.
6Workmen provided with bag/box to carry bolt, nuts, and hand tools.
7Arrangement for fastening of hand tools made
8All work platforms are ensured to be of adequate strength and ergonomically suitable.
9Fabricated makeshift arrangements are checked for quality and type of material, welding, anchoring, etc.
10Work at more than one elevation at the same segment is restricted.
Sl.No.Points to Check (ACCESS & EGRESS)YNNA
1Walkways provided with handrails, mid-rails, and toe guards?
2All chequered plates, grating properly welded/bolted?
3Are ladders inspected and maintained in good condition?
4Are ladders spliced?
5Are ladders properly secured to prevent slipping, sliding, or falling?
6Do side rails extend 1m above the top of the landing?
7Are built-up ladders constructed of sound material?
8Rungs spacing should not be over 300 mm on the center.
9Metal ladders are not used along with electrical hazards.
10Ladders placed at the right slope.
11Ladders, staircases were welded/bolted properly.
12Any obstruction in the stair
13Are landings provided with handrails, knee rails, toe boards, etc?
14Whether ramp is provided with proper slope.
15Proper handrail/guards provided in ramps.
Sl.No.Points to Check (HOUSEKEEPING)YNNA
1Walkways, aisles, and all overhead work places cleared of loose material
2Flammable materials, if any, are cleared
3All shuttering materials are removed after de shuttering is done.
4Platforms and walkways free of oil/grease or other slippery spillages.
5Collected scrap is brought down or lowered down and not dropped from a height
Points to Check (PPE)
1Use of safety helmet, safety belts / full-body harness ensured for all workers.
2Anchoring point provided at all places of work.
3Common lifeline provided where ever linear movement at height is required.
4Safety nets are in use where ever required.
5A proper fall arrestor system is deployed at critical workplaces.
6Crawler boards/safety system for work on the fragile roof is used.

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