Work in progress sign

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Work in progress sign is used where work is not completed but the work in progress. Basically, work in progress signs are alerts or warn the people about the potential hazards. Work in progress signboards are high-resolution boards and they are water, chemical, and wear-resistant.

The work-in-progress signboards are made up of high-quality plastics, aluminum, etc. In simplest formwork in signboards are used for warning purposes, and these boards are getting everyone’s attention and reduces on-site injuries and accidents.

Erect these signs or mount them on walls where work is in progress due to maintenance work. These work-in-progress signboards are reminded people that construction work is taking place in this area.

The messages are “Danger construction work in progress”, “No authorized access”, “All visitors must be reported to the receptions”, etc.

Work in progress signboards is used in under construction roads, under construction buildings, office building, office, shops, etc.

In shops work in progress sign boards are used while wet or freshly wiped floors, they just simply placed it and aware passers easily. These signs help to prevent accidents due to slippery floors.

Types of work in progress singns:

  • Construction work in progress sign.
  • Demolition work in progress sign.
  • Hot work in progress sign.
  • Maintenance work in progress sign.
  • Do not enter work in progress sign.
  • Lifting work in progress sign.
  • Men working above sign.
  • Electrical work in progress sign.
  • No entry work in progress sign.
  • Work in progress road sign.

Demolition work in progress sign:

A demolition sign is used to notify passers-by that the building is scheduled for demolition.


Hot work in progress sign:

Hot work in progress sign helps prevent unauthorized personnel (like visitors) from entering areas where welding, soldering, or cutting are taking place.


Men working above sign:

These danger signs alert passers-by about potential hazards.


Construction work in progress sign:


Maintenance work in progress sign:


Do not enter work in progress sign:


Lifting work in progress sign:


Electrical work in progress sign:


No entry work in progress sign:


Work in progress road sign:


Work in progress standing board:


These boards are made up of high-quality plastic.  These are two faces. These are used to warn pedestrians coming from both sides. These are high visibility because of the bright yellow color.

Work in progress standing caution board has a yellow background and the texts are in bold black color. The pictogram or symbols are in red color.

These are easy to use because of lightweight and no assembly is required. Just open it and place it in the location where work is in progress.

These are foldable and are stored easily. The warning messages are used like “Caution men at work”, “Caution work in progress”, etc.

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