Electrical hazard boots

Electrical hazard boots are commonly known as EH Boots or EH-rated boots in industries or powerplants. Electrical hazard boots are provided protection from electric shock or electrocution because the entire surface of the boot is made from non-conductive materials and these material does not allow the electric current to pass through the body or stop the electric current from being …

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Safety full form

Safety full form as a safety professional, from my point of view, is S: Search the hazard, A-Analyse the risk, F-Find the cause, E-Eliminate the cause, T-Tell to others, Y-You are safe. Another full form of Safety is  “Stay Alert for Task You Do”. In this article, we will learn safety abbreviations. Safety abbreviations are …

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Fire Triangle

Basically, a fire triangle or fire tetrahedron is a model that shows the elements or components of fire. There are three essential elements that are necessary to start a fire. Elements or components of the fire triangle: Fuel: Examples of fuels: Oxidizer: Examples of oxidizers: Ignition source: Examples of ignition sources: What is fire tetrahedron? …

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