Fire Safety

Fire Triangle

Basically, a fire triangle or fire tetrahedron is a model that shows the elements or components of fire. There are three essential elements that are necessary to start a fire. Elements or components of the fire triangle: Fuel: Examples of fuels: Oxidizer: Examples of oxidizers: Ignition source: Examples of ignition sources: What is fire tetrahedron? …

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Fire bucket

A fire bucket is a bucket that is filled with sand or water and is used to extinguish the fire at starting or initial stage or small fire. The fire buckets are always red color on the outer side and white color on the inner side. Due to the bright red color fire buckets are …

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Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, in emergency situations. However, they are not effective against large, spreading fires. The main object of fire safety is to protect life first and property next from the revenge of fire. The objective of fire safety design is the …

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Fire Alarm

Various types of fire alarms are available operating on principles of thermal expansion,¬†thermoelectric sensitivity, thermal conductivity, or photosensitivity to detect the presence of smoke, increase in temperature, light intensity, or total radiation.¬† Their types are Thermal expansion detectors.¬† Radiant energy detectors. Light interference detectors and Ionisation detectors. They should be properly located depending upon their …

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