What is hazard?

Hazard definition Hazard means existing unsafe condition or action or situation or event or their combination which has potential to cause an accident. Thus, the hazard can become a cause of accident or risk and it can exist without accident or risk. When due to hazard, an accident happens, it is converted into an accident. …

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What is excavation?

An Excavation is a manmade cut, cavity, and trench in an earth surface that is formed by earth removal. Or we can say that excavation is the process of moving earth, rock, or other materials with tools, equipment’s or explosives. Excavation includes earthwork, trenching, wall shafts tunneling and underground, etc. Excavation is used in constructions …

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What is hazop? HAZOP means Hazard & operability. Hazop is a study that identifies hazard and operability problems by investigating how the plant might deviate from the design. It can also be conducted to improve safety for new or existing projects. Hazop is defined as the application of a formal systematic critical examination to the …

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