Which is the physical hazard?

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Which is the physical hazard?


(B) Vibration



Answer: – The correct answer is (B) Vibration.


Why vibration is a physical hazard?

Vibration effects are more dangerous, it affects human health and machinery. Exposure to vibration may have negative health effects, it may damage joints, muscles, nerves, etc. Vibration can cause annoyance and noise to the human body and physical damage to machines and structures. Vascular disorders may occur in the form of white fingers. Workers need to be trained on the hazards of working with vibrating tools.

Vibration is a physical factor that acts on the human body by the transmission of mechanical energy from sources of oscillation. Sources of oscillation may be knocks and friction of machine parts, unbalanced or inaccurately cantered rotating parts, pressure pulses of compressed fluid, etc.

Source of vibration:

  1. Relation with unbalanced loads or bent shafts.
  2. Misalignment of driving and driven shafts.
  3. Impact of a moving part against another part moving or stationary.
  4. Water hammer in hydraulic systems.
  5. High-velocity air ducts.

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