Hazard pictograms

Hazard pictograms or symbols are used for workplace hazard warning purposes. Actually, hazard pictograms alert users about the dangers of hazardous chemicals. Hazard pictograms are also known as GHS pictogram. Hazard pictogram consists of a graphical symbol that also includes a warning sign. These pictograms are in a diamond shape with white background and red …

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Work in progress sign

Work in progress sign is used where work is not completed but the work in progress. Basically, work in progress signs are alerts or warn the people about the potential hazards. Work in progress signboards are high-resolution boards and they are water, chemical, and wear-resistant. The work-in-progress signboards are made up of high-quality plastics, aluminum, …

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Belt conveyor parts

Details of belt conveyor parts are given below: Conveyor belt Drive unit Electric Motor V belt Output coupling Gear box Input coupling Pulleys Head pulley Tail pulley Snub pulley Take up pulley Bend pulley. Idler Guide idler Carrier idler Return idler Impact carrying idler Structure or stringer Skirt board Belt cleaner or scrapper. Conveyor hood …

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