What is plant safety inspection?

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Plant safety Inspection is the process of ensuring by the assessment that a facility reaches the necessary standard of quality or performance & that the level is maintained. Plant Safety inspection is defined as that monitoring function conducted in an organization to locate and report existing & potential hazards which have the capacity to cause accidents in the workplace.

The objective of plant safety inspection:

  • To find out hazards (unsafe acts/ unsafe conditions) & take appropriate remedial for their prevention & control.
  • To maintain a safe work environment, operational profitability & control unsafe actions of people.
  • To check the statutory provision of the factory act & other statutes.
  • To check the effectiveness of the existing system & to find improvement if required for the purpose of total loss control.
  • To check quality controls, product safety, good manufacturing practices, corrosion, tests & personal selection.
  • To gain workers’ confidence in organized human activity & factory life.

Types of plant safety inspection:

There are mainly four types of plant safety inspection.

  • Planned Inspection
  • Intermittent Inspection
  • General Inspection
  • Special Inspection.

Planned Inspection:

Plant, machinery, equipment, lifting m/c, pressure vessel, the health of workers, SOPs, statutory formats, health check-ups by the safety committee, safety officer, competent persons, safety consultants, Industrial hygienist, and OHS doctors. 

Intermittent Inspection:

It is carried out at irregular intervals to check near equipment installations, procedures & worker competence, modification & accident analysis.

 General Inspection:

      Routine inspection of isolation areas, parking places, side walls, and fencing lighting.

 Special Inspection:

  • Safety Hazard Analysis
  • Accident Investigation
  • Dangerous Operation
  • Inspection during special campaigns (Safety Day/week)
  • Storage
  • Hazard tools
  • Scaffolds
  • Personal protective equipment.

What is continuous plant safety inspection?

The safety officer, Engineer I/C or Field Supervisor, and Electrician observe regularly the condition of the equipment & machinery used & practice followed.

Planning and Procedure for plant safety inspection:

  • The person inspecting must have some knowledge of the plant & process and knowledge of relevant rules.
  • Develop & inspect as per the checklist.
  • Evaluation of data & proper report writing.

Steps for plant safety inspection:

  • Contact the in charge & take his help.
  • To observe all conditions for compliance with established standard (Legal, SOP) checklist preferred.
  • To observe all operations for unsafe acts & violations of safety rules.
  • To prepare a systematic report with all hazards detected – possible remedial – measures – (suggestions and recommendations).

Material Handling safety inspection:

  • Materials Handled.
  • Method of handling.

Equipment safety inspection:

  • Pressure vessel
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Personal protective equipment
  • FFE
  • Electrical Equipment

Unsafe work practices inspection:

  • No permit during work
  • Nonuse of PPE
  • Poor Housekeeping.

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