Industrial Safety

Scaffolding Parts

Scaffolding parts and component details are given below. Sole plate: Base plate: Adjustable base jack: Kicker lift/ Base lift: The first runner is installed 150mm above the ground surface is called kicker lift or base lift. Tubes: Example of damaged tubes: Standard or post: Ledgers or runners: Transom or Bearer: Bracing: Bracing is a diagonally …

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Scaffolding Tag

In order to maintain scaffolding safety, it is important to attach tags to the scaffold that clearly showcase whether it is currently safe for use or not. A scaffolding Inspection Tag is a plastic tag that is easy to attach to your Scaffolding to ensure your Scaffolding is regularly inspected. Scaffolding is having ID numbers …

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Best Catchy and Motivating Industrial safety slogans of 2023

Industrial safety slogans are the best way to motivate and remind employees to work safely in any workplace. Slogans are the most effective way to aware employees. In these slogans, we use positive words and easily understandable words. Boost Workplace Morale with the Best Motivating Safety Slogans of 2023. These slogans are related to workplace …

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