Industrial Safety


Power tools safety

Power tools safety is most important because these are more hazardous. Typically, injuries caused by power tools are burns, cuts, and strains. Other sources of injuries are electric shock, flying particles or flying objects in the eyes, fire, falls, the explosion of gases, and falling tools. Tool injuries largely occur due to a lack of …

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What is a hazard triangle and its three elements?

The hazard triangle has three elements. (1) Hazardous element (HE) (2) Initiating Mechanism (IM) (3) Target and threat(T/T). Hazardous element (HE) This is the basics hazardous resource creating the impetus for the hazard, such as a hazardous energy source such as explosive being used in the system. Initiating Mechanism (IM) This is the trigger or …

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What is hazard?

Hazard definition: Hazard means existing unsafe condition or action or situation or event or their combination which has potential to cause an accident. Thus, the hazard can become a cause of accident or risk and it can exist without accident or risk. When due to hazard, an accident happens, it is converted into an accident. …

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